Unified Communication

Unified Communication & Collaboration platforms combine all relevant communication services such as traditional telephony, video conferencing, e-mail, voice mail and instant messaging. It enables access to devices and information anytime and from anywhere and helps optimise communication and business processes.

Shared address books on every device or seeing if a colleague is present at work today – to choose whether to call, send a message, or invite one or more co-workers to a video conference; just two examples of how much easier we can communicate with a Unified Communications system.

With UC&C tools, your employees can save up to 25% of their time on daily communication (2 hours per day). This way, you can reduce time-consuming tasks and focus on sales and other activities that increase your company’s revenue.

But not all UC&C systems are the same. What is stopping you from getting profitable results from your current Unified Communications solution in terms of productivity and efficiency?

  • It’s not intuitive: if your employees don’t start using the new UC&C software right away, chances are it is not user-friendly and consequenlty won’t be used.
  • It’s not web-based: the UC&C software has to be installed and updated by IT professionals; if your employees work from home that would be very complicated.
  • It’s not unified: you still use different applications/software for video conferences, group chats and video calls.

We integrate your CRM, ERP, TEAMS and any of your existing solutions with Unified Communications & Collaboration systems.

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