Our answer is to continuously analyse all attack paths using simulated attack techniques. Using the resulting data gives your security and network team a clear view of attack risks, independent of other security scores or vulnerability warnings. For us, security is a process in which man and technology play their roles. In our services we combine machine learning with the human intelligence of the best professionals on the market to ensure security, continuity and resilience for your investments. We are committed to creating a strategy to protect, monitor and manage the immense value of your information. We manage and simplify your complexity.

The three pillars on which we build our solutions are: people and their skills, 360° vision through advanced technologies and a 24/7/365 control over your information systems and information.

Why is it essential to rely on experts?

Cybersecurity is no longer a mere IT issue and specific skills are therefore needed to identify and mitigate any threats.

Why do you need to be always-on?

77% of attacks occur at night or during the weekend.

Why do we need a 360° vision?

Due to the increase of smart working and the geographical dispersal of branches, the company perimeter has expanded considerably. This makes it difficult for the IT Department to maintain a complete overview of access points, leaving them at risk of attack.

With our solutions, your company can optimise its time and resources by prioritising its business development, while we focus on managing corrective actions based on real threats in your business environment.

We highlight and manage attack paths leading to your critical assets and offer a fully managed MDR (Managed Detection & Response) service to protect you from the most advanced cyber threats. 24 hours a day.

What is an MDR service?

It is a service made up of cybersecurity specialists who, through the correlation of numerous data sources, AI and machine learning techniques, constantly monitor systems to detect threats, alert the customer and resolve them.

The cloud platform on which we gather all the data from various sources and and the client’s existing security applications, allows us to correlate and identify latent issues that would otherwise not be visible.

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